1 What is my vision for our life together? What are my feelings answering this?
2 What are my thaughts about us being unique as a couple? How do I feel about this?
3 How do I feel when you want to understand me better?
4 How do I feel when we show our love as a couple?
5 Where am I now with our relationship? Romanced? Dissillusioned? Joy?
6 In what areas do I feel challenged to be more open with you? How do my actions make me feel?
7 What are some of those "little things" good and bad?
8 When have I felt close to you lately sharing joys as well as concerns?
9 When have I nurtured lately? Have I been nurtured? How does that make me feel?
10 What important decision do I/We have to make in the near future?
11 What are some ways that we have sustained our 24-hour love affair recently?
12 What values and traditions do I value in my Family? My spouse's famiy? How can we integrate them into our family?
13 How has your openeness enabled me to grow?
14 What is Jesus calling us to as sacramment of his love?
15 Our opposites are God's plan challenging us to be more, not less. What opposites in our life are challenging me right now?
16 How do I feel about Engaged Encounter right now?
17 Have I felt really important lately? How do my actions make me feel?
18 What unselfish gift of love of yours has brought true joy to another this past week?
19 How did I do in our last argument? What rules did I follow? Break? Did I trust?
20 Describe how we as a couple have a more meaningful life than we each would have had alone.
21 When have you given me life in the past week?
22 What decision to belong to others have I made recently? Who and why?
23 Do I see myself being truly open to new life at this time? Apart from children in our relationship what does it mean to be open to life?
24 How have I been recently an effective sign to others of God's Love?
25 What do I personally have to offer my family? Church? My community?
26 Is a decision to love just a decision to put aside some disillusionment?
27 What method can I best use to create unity with you? With God?
28 How do I feel when I have to make a decision that should be made mutually?
29 What issues concerning our family do we have yet to resolve?
30 Describe a recent occation when your spouse has been lifegiving to you. How does that make me feel?
31 What have I done that needs forgiveness this month?