1 How do I feel when you call me sweetheart?
2 "The gift you have received, give as a gift." How does this make me feel?
3 How do I feel when work keeps us apart?
4 What are my feelings about accepting things I can not change?
5 What does decision mean to me?
6 Why do I dialog with you?
7 How have I shown my love for you today?
8 Am I satisfied with my career at present? Do I need to make any decisions about it?
9 What was the best thing you have done for me today?
10 How have I lived my sacrament with you today?
11 What compromise did I make recently? Why did I agree to it? Am I happy about it?
12 "Who ever has a heart full of love always has something to give" -- Pope John XXIII. How do I feel about this?
13 What was my greatest fear as a child?
14 How do I feel about the way we celebrate our love?
15 What are some of the most tranquil times we spend together? How does that make me feel?
16 In what stage am I in in our sacrament? Romance, Disillusionment, Joy? Why?
17 God hears and sees all I do? How do I feel about that?
18 How do I feel about going on living with you?
19 What are my strongest desires and greatest fears in the area of sexuality?
20 Describe in detail a recent life-giving decision that was made. How did I realize God helped me in the decision?
21 How do I avoid being intimate with you? How do my actions make me feel?
22 Does the element of time cause me stress? How does that make me feel?
23 What can I do to show you more love?
24 How do I feel about giving to others?
25 To what extended family do I/We belong? How does it enrich us? How do we enrich it?
26 What gifts have god blessed me with?
27 What do I see as your best quality? How do I feel telling you this?
28 What are my sexual desires?