Catholic Engaged Encounter of Pittsburgh would like to invite you to experience a weekend as an opportunity to go deeper into the area of communication, something vital for all relationships to be successful, and most especially for the relationship between spouses.

We are not theologians and this weekend is not about presenting Catholic theology. If you come to the weekend expecting to hear us speak about the doctrine of marriage, you will be disappointed. This is not our purpose.  While we uphold and affirm what the Church believes marriage to be, the weekend is an experience, not a classroom. It is simply a chance to remove yourselves as couples to a place outside the preparations for your wedding and focus on those issues that can bring you together or pull you apart.

Giving you the environment to reflect, to write, and to dialogue, we hope and pray that your hearts will expand and you will fall deeper in love. 

Catholic Engaged Encounter of Pittsburgh Mission Statement:
Drawing from the Catholic belief in the sacrament of matrimony, we affirm that our ministry is to offer a solid foundation for the vocation of married life. We commit to living this sacrament through strenghtening our marriages. By sharing our sacrament we witness to the love of God revealed in Christ's love for his church. Through our discerned commitment to Engaged Encounter, we form a community that nourishes us for this purpose.

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